Sickness is not a respecter of age, gender, ethnicity or income.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, any type of physical or mental illness, or a life-threatening disease...

We have caring doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to pray for your healing. Our healthcare professionals earnestly practice medicine but also believe in a God who never practices – but instead creates and heals.

This event is open to anyone who needs healing, no matter if you share our Christian faith background or not. If you believe in the idea of God or are simply hopeful that he exists and will respond, we invite you to come. Why not?

We believe that we do not need to be of the same faith to evoke the power of the God who created you to come perfect your body and create a healing within you.

Thursday, May 16th
NC4 Macungie Campus, 1208 Brookside Rd., Wescosville, PA

What to Expect